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Here are a few ways to take action to reduce smog-forming pollution, especially on Air Quality
Action Days:

  • Take transit or rideshare. Ride the bus, train, subway or carpool to work or school.
  • Telecommute. Work from home on Air Quality Action days and spend your extra commute hours with your family.
  • Trip-link. Do all of you errands in one trip, avoiding unnecessary cold starts.
  • If you must refuel your vehicle, do it after dusk. Ozone levels are usually highest in mid to late afternoon.
  • Don't "top off" your tank when refueling. Spillage adds two tons of air pollution daily.
  • Postpone mowing the lawn until late in the day or on a day when air quality is better.
  • Avoid using charcoal lighter fluid or oil-based paints
  • Refrain from burning trash or yard waste.
  • Conserve energy at home. Set the thermostat lower in the winter and high in the summer. Conserving energy not only helps air quality, it also saves you money.
  • Get regular tune-ups and car maintenance checks. A properly running vehicle emits less pollution and saves gas.

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